Titan Abrasive Systems manufactures an extensive line of blast cleaning, surface finishing, and surface preparation equipment. Specializing in portable pressure blast machines, manual and automated blast cabinets for use with recyclable blast media, blast rooms, abrasive and media recovery systems, reclamation equipment and dust collection systems. Titan products include blast pots, blast cabinets, soda blast systems, plastic media blast systems, blast hoses, blast nozzles, vacuum blast systems, air compressors, dust collection systems, vacuum reclaim systems, media reclaim systems, high density particle separators, elevator reclaim systems as well as custom designed systems.

Our application list includes sodium bicarbonate systems, walnut shell systems, plastic media blasting, corn cob blasting, sand blast systems, abrasive blast, aluminum oxide, glass bead, crushed glass, steel shot, steel grit, dry stripping.

From portable pressure blast machines to custom designed automated systems, please utilize our experience in selecting the proper equipment for your application. If you need assistance in selecting a system for your application contact us directly at sales@titanabrasive.com or (215) 310-5055 for direct factory assistance.

TITAN ABRASIVE SYSTEMS Ivyland, PA  18974 PH: 215-310-5055